about me

With the age of 7 I began to have piano lessons with my teacher Claudia Burris-Steinleitner. 

Later I was taught by Edgar Gerke, Julia Hodjak and Claas Brokelmann.

First own compositions with the age of 14 at the piano, also some experimental arrangements with synthesizer sounds.

Sensitive playing, bringing in all the emotions that are related to the stories of my music.





Concerts have been in Zurico, Ghiffa (Lago Maggiore-Italy), Budapest, Prague, Kiel, Bad Homburg, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, LaRochelle, London, Lueneburg, Marburg, Darmstadt, Hann.Muenden, Oberursel, Omaha, Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham Alabama, Knoxville Tennesse, Asheville, Louisville Kentucky, St. Louis, ...

Such skills as I've learned with Professor Helmut Krusche for mental relaxation combined with the formation in Shiatsu energy massages. Our human skin is dominating all our other senses. When you will listen to a concert with your full attention, the music will bring you into a certain mood.


After very much to learn I succeeded in the examination to become a natural healing professional.


There is a context in everything and you will participate by me, making you concentrate to your own feeling well.